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When you work with Crew Solutions you can be assured that you are getting access to the very best staff in the industry. We personally review a large number of resumes to hand pick the most qualified individuals for the specialized tasks that you require them to perform. These individuals are then interviewed to further ensure they would be a perfect fit for the services that are required of them. If, for some reason, you are not happy with the services being provided by a particular individual, Crew Solutions will work with you to figure out how to resolve the problem and if required will replace the individual in

About our company

Crew Solutions was created out of a desire to forge better connections between employers and employees. With the advent of technology, the oil and gas industry has completely digitized its hiring process. Job ads are posted online, resumes are scanned by specialized software programs, even the interview process is now often done by video rather than face to face.

Crew Solutions has a better way! We are committed to bringing the human touch back into the hiring process. In times past, a person’s word could be counted on and deals were often sealed with a handshake. Crew Solutions has taken that handshake mentality and reinvented it for the 21st Century. 

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    Our people work in a safe environment witheerqrpwryq industry leading safety practices and results.

    Everyone at Crew solutions is committed to each and every employee returning home safely at the end of each shift.


    We have a culture focused on safety, respect, high performance, teamwork, pride and passion for our business. 


    Employees enjoy competitive wages, a comprehensive benefits package and a savings plan. 


    We focus on training and professional career development People 

    Crew solutions of experience , leading edge services is supported and maintained to the highest industry standards.


    Employees drive our operations, our continuous improvement and our customer relations.

    Our employees are continuously engaged to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

    We value input and feedback from our employees. 


Services We Deliver

Crew Solutions works by facilitating the process of matching employers with the right employee for every job. Employment has changed over the past few years. Margins are tighter than ever and companies are seeking new ways to get the job done while protecting their bottom line. For many employees, working 8-5, Monday to Friday doesn’t fit with their lifestyle. The solution? Contract employees as needed to perform certain jobs. Workers find gainful employment with the flexibility they ne

  • Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made in the initial planning of any construction job. So at crew, we approach all projects in a collaborative manner, creating an integrated group. 

  • Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made in the initial planning of any construction job. So at crew, we approach all projects in a collaborative manner, creating an integrated group. 

  • Here at crew, we take the same approach to green building that we take to every other aspect of our business. It's a long-term view and, with resources in dwindling supply 

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  • Technology has brought a lot of good to the job search and hiring process but somewhere along the way, the human touch was lost. At Crew Solutions, people come first. Our goal is to reinvent employment, bring back the face to face interview and help employers find the right employees for every job.

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Our priority is your Success. When we put people first we have achieved this goal. Your success is our success.

Crew Solutions Ltd. is reinventing employment. We are the solution for you, the employee, and the client. We are always in search for people who are ready for new adventures and ready for an opportunity to grow exponentially. At Crew solutions, we do not hold you to the same day-in-day-out tasks. We are all about verity and increasing on your experiences and skill set. Our priority is your success. When we put people first we achieve this goal. Your success is our success.

Candidate to be familiar with frac, coil tubing, Nitrogen Pumper,sand bulkier and fluid pumper equipment including low rate and high rate nitrogen pump trucks used in Oil field services but with a focus of purging, pigging and pressure testing. The Operation of the pumping equipment will also include the rigging-up of hoses and pipework therefore candidate must be physically able to perform manual handling type activities. Record Technical data from the pumps, such as flow rates, pressure and temperatures etc.. Perform and record basic maintenance on the pumping equipment both in the field and yard The work performed will be for the process and pipeline group, therefore working remotely in teams on Oil Refineries, Gas Plants and Pipelines across Alberta Canada and overseas. Candidate to be able to work in remote locations with flexible hours (usual work rotation is 15days on 6days off with 12hr shifts) – however flexibility is required as dedicated by the operations group Class #1 driving license is preferred but not essential Risk Assessment, Manual Handling, H2S, First Aid training is preferred, however training will be given. Report all accidents, incidents or unsafe conditions and take all necessary steps to prevent accidental damage to property, plant, equipment or the environment. If you think that you are ready for a change and a you are a prime candidate for our company. We are excited to see your resume. Please answer the questions and submit your qualifications. We look forward to interviewing you in person and shake your hand.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Fly-In/Fly-Out, Permanent

If it is Temporary contract workers or permanent employees you require, Crew Solutions has an answer for you. Our main areas of expertise include supplying temporary contract staff to companies operating in the oil and gas sector across North America and overseas. It is our promise to deliver qualified, experienced individuals to your company. We hand pick the very best individuals in the industry to ensure we can offer you the best in class service.


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